stair return [TDC321]

So my friend and I are aiming for another attempt on the Conquer Everest challenge this 1st June. Meaning we have to start heavy stair climbing training around now. I also am part of a stair climbing challenge group with a target of 30,500 steps for February, but with all these needed long runs, I think I am going to have to hit all the steps on a Friday after work for each of the four weeks?


Tonight we did fifty minutes of stairs in blocks of around 500 steps off a 1 minute rest; after an initial 1642 steps continuous against the clock as a time trial, for another challenge. Hard work but doesn’t add much to my mileage in mile terms; 1.5 miles in just over an hour!? With the jog there and at my Run England group after, the distance only logged as 6 miles for the day but I’d estimate is was 11 miles equivalent. Steps done 5782 in just over an hour.

Strava sorted [reuploaded] my ‘missing’ run from last Sunday, so happy there. Will need to take a recovery day tomorrow as calves now pretty tired.

TDC 321 days 2922 miles
RTR70 468/3360 [9]


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