new shoes [TDC318]

One of those days where you’re playing catch up. Still, it makes you run faster between locations. I had to break the day’s 20 miles up into three lots of 6 miles [with about an hour between] with a two mile cool down after leading the Sweatshop 10K training. Feeling good.


Had to think about new shoes today. What a shock at the prices even with the sales. Decision between £90 [even with military discount] for a pair of UK Gear, guaranteed 1,000 mile life [that I have been wearing exclusively for the last 2 years] or three pairs of £35 but only 300-500 miles life shoes? As a stop gap I went for a £22 sale pair of ASICS Gel Impression 5, that with the mileage I am now doing might be worn out in 3 or 4 weeks [that idea makes me laugh so much].

TDC 318 days 2866 miles
RTR70 412/3360 [8]


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