fraud [TDC315]

To be honest today is the kind of day where you feel like a fraud. I was supposed to start my next block of 20 mile runs this morning, but after standing around for volunteer duty at parkrun in the cold for an hour the last thing I felt like was staying outside. Brrr!


I could/should of course, simply have come home to warm up and then gone out again; but once home and snugly it is hard to get out that door again. Interesting to see my pace [always sluggish first thing] this morning stayed the same on the jog home even though cold and carrying laptop rucksack.


Still, I guess it is another 5 miles in the bank and means the successful completion of another year’s Janathon [with a similar total mileage to last year]. I also note that I got a badge from Strava for managing more than 200km over the month [actually over 500]. Always nice to be able to have interesting graphics [the bump that is the Movember challenge is obvious]. Not a bad start to the year. And February looks like being my toughest ever month’s training!?

TDC 315 days 2806 miles
RTR70 352/3360 [7]


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