peaky [TDC313]


So I had hoped to do four 20 mile runs in five days [as I did 3 in 5 days last week] but I’ve had to run ‘short’ [ho ho] the past two days; weather very icy/cold anyway.


Today I therefore started what I hope will be five 20 milers in a six days stretch, which will obviously also have to include four 20s in four days. If I don’t quite get there I’m not too worried at this point. All very relaxed today in the pretty cold again temperature. No adventure just some functional running around and with Run England group. 20 miles total day.


I also set up some challenges for 2015 for the FB stair climbing challenge group. Seven Summits is the main one so far [with the tallest mountain in the world as a bonus extra last peak].

everest stepsmk

TDC 313 days 2794 miles
RTR70 340/3360 [7]


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