glitch [TDC310]

Today was  a lovely run after work; the first 12 ish miles with Andre for company. However it looks like I was slacking, whilst not. For some reason I got a black screen of death on my Garmin after 13 miles, though I did do 20 miles [the last ‘0.02 of a mile’ is logged at 1 hour 29 minutes!? This 7 miles‘ time actually includes time in the shop after the run until I got home to plug in watch and save the session!]


No end of fiddling on the run would get the screen to change. When home I plugged it in to charge and it was still on 55% so the battery wasn’t the issue, but I have no idea what was? Hope not a problem ahead? The most disappointing thing is that it felt like I was going at a fair clop [9 mins a mile or under] for the last few miles but they weren’t logged. Oh well.

TDC 310 days 2769 miles
RTR70 315/3360 [6]


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