boing boing [TDC307]

So the urban trampoline ‘bounceway‘ road has been scrapped apparently? I think bouncing is fun but as a mode of efficient transport in a major city I can’t think of a dafter idea. Why not just give everyone space hoppers and pogo sticks? A monthly bounce to work with convoys of bouncing commuters. Next it’ll be personal zorb spheres [keeps you dry]. Wots rong wif runin?


Just a slow bitty 7 mile trot throughout the day to stretch the quads; with Run England group and the kids at school. I did my weekly 810 steps challenge at Stratford too and was surprised to only be 10 seconds slower than last week, given that my quads were burning from the first flight.

TDC 307 days 2724 miles
RTR70 270/3360 [5]


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