boundary [TDC306]

Hooray another adventure day! I will have to think up quite a lot for the next few weeks. 23 miles this morning to complete my first block of training, with three 20 mile ish runs in five days [the blocks are very non standard durations due to the shortish time available].

newham boundary

my ‘estimate’ of route [with warm up/cool down]

My adventure today was to trace as close as possible the boundary of Newham; of course impossible to do accurately as 3/4 of the boundary is water [the rivers Thames, Lea and Roding] and there are no river paths. Also on the North of the borough the boundary goes down the backs of gardens. 1 mile warm up, 21 miles non stop [apart from roads etc], 1 mile cool down. A tad slower than Tues, but still only just over 4 hour marathon pace, and the going was muddier in places!

Newham Boundary Run [minus get to start warm up/cool down]

Newham Boundary Run [minus get to/from start]

Great fun to go along footpaths I haven’t visited in 20 years [behind the City of London Cemetery] and to discover new paths [Roding Valley cycle path] and run down roads I haven’t before. Not so much fun to find impassable overgrown public footpaths and closed paths in the Olympic Park. Interesting to see the differences in the maps [I know the parts I had to make judgement calls on the direction of travel].

Legs feeling a bit heavy so I think I’ll give my Thur evening jog a miss today and  just do a short recovery day tomorrow, before the next block of training starts.

TDC 306 days 2717 miles
RTR70 263/3360 [5]


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