path choice [TDC301]

A jog to parkrun [with rucksack] and back for a measly 4 miles today. Was supposed to do a 3 hour run but to be honest after standing around for an hour for parkrun duties in temperatures barely above zero in a t-shirt and windcheater [forgot gloves] I was a tad chilly. The rain and driving wind after parkrun didn’t help encourage me to run long, so I admit I bailed and went home for a warm bath, cuppa and chick peas and lasagne!


I need to be more committed and specific for the next 3 days so I can assess for WATK [week at the knees] with those 3 hour runs. I won’t be able to be too pace conscious tomorrow due to leading others but need to crack on on Mon and Tues. Unfortunately it appears the weather is set for pretty cold for the next week. Here’s hoping for no ice!

The week has only been 67 miles; which now feels like real slacking!? Next week sure to be more though.

TDC 301 days 2620 miles
RTR70 166/3360 [3]


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