training [TDC299]

Another new activity it seems that can be added to my list from yesterday? I am sure it will be banned sooner than later due to health and safety regulations? Race the tube.

Very interesting but depends on so much else than just the running, traffic/pedestrian activity, ticket barriers, other commuters, police, the weather, etc. Perhaps that is part of the attraction. Part movie chase, part video game. I  must admit in the past I have raced the bus between stops on occasion just out of interest.

Pretty miserable day today; should have been more disciplined and got out early for a run, as only managed a piddly 1 mile to the shops [just for Janathon] otherwise, and I even forgot the gps. A day stuck in front of a computer [trying not to get distracted] doesn’t do great things for your spirits when you feel you should be running.

At least I finally managed to get some useful advice about pacing for the seven marathons in seven days in March though, from MarathonManUK Robert Young, who is trying to complete at least a marathon a day for a year [now these are the guys that should be up for sports personality of the year rather than those ‘celebrity’ sports people] a rather exceptional endeavour.

Now I just need to think more about the specifics of the next few weeks training [as that advice was far less forthcoming] as doing too much will be just as bad as doing too little.

1 mile! I’m laughing my socks off as I get back to work.

TDC 299 days 2611 miles
RTR70 157/3360 [3]


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