bodies [TDC298]

Victorian scrap of Hare & Hounds paperchase c 1880I was thinking whilst out running yesterday [yes I know, a dangerous occupation], about ‘running’ as an activity and how its various incarnations are parcelled up amongst certain organisational/controlling bodies, and how in some ways that is extremely useful and how in others it is extremely bizarre/arbitrary.

In my head I made a kind of mindmap of connections between running and what I regard as related ‘movements’ [the common theme I perceived is movement of the minimally or completely ‘unencumbered’ body through space from A to B either in the fastest time or over the longest/shortest route].

paper chase

Track running, road running, cross country, trail running, fell running, ultra running, hill climbs, stair running, stepping, jogging, speed walking, marching, hiking, walking, and the related free running, obstacle course running, free climbing, dance and running but with added purpose/equipment, orienteering, letterboxing, geocaching, scavenger or treasure hunts, peak bagging, …

I wondered, if there was a personality test, which type would prefer which activity  and how many have tried which events?

Today I must admit I feel like a lazy bones. 10 miles in the morning with Andre, then 3 to lunchtime Run England group, and another 4 miles around after that, for a 17 mile total day; should’ve been a 20 miler. At least I ran 802 miles yesterday [according to the gps anyway]. And in just over an hour, Ho Ho.

TDC 298 days 2610 miles
RTR70 156/3360 [3]


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