stairs [TDC297]

Woke up tired. Not legs but sleepy head. Changed plans from a 20 mile day to something less structured [and feel as guilty as hell but you have to be a little flexible and listen to your head/body; unless it makes excuses too much].

Did however do my second stairs workout of 2015 [for an 810 steps challenge in 9.05] one minute faster than last week; along with a few miles around and a run with Sweatshop in the evening playing back marker/helper again [though the screwy gps trace seems to think I ran several hundred miles out into the ocean and climbed several thousand ft??? oh and a new pb on strava of 1 mile in 2 seconds!?], for a total of 11 miles.


I have been working on some little graphics, for the FB stair climb challenge group, that can act as challenge/achievement badges. We all like bling, even if only digital.

Glad to nearly have my 3rd around Jersey virtual circuit completed out of 70; tomorrow will be ahead of schedule too [I need to get around once every 5 days on average] but obviously very, very early days yet.

TDC 297 days 2593 miles
RTR70 139/3360 [2]


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