relax [TDC294]

A jog to/from parkrun duties in the AM for a relaxing 4  mile day [half with rucksack]. I better enjoy the short stuff whilst it lasts. Really strong wind today but at least dry.


The completely weird thing is that I have done an 84 mile week and yet it feels like I have been ‘slacking’. Hopefully that is a good sign and I can add some quality/faster/harder efforts into the training from next week? Or perhaps I simply need to concentrate on getting in the longer runs/hours on feet? Decisions, decisions.

The fact is the legs did/do feel tired/tight [more than even after finishing 565 miles for MMM2014] which is a little surprising, but probably down to a combination of an 84 mile week with a 28 mile day and squats etc during the Good Gym session and some stair running, all in the same few days.

super mike

Thoughts to Mike, who has been in a bike accident [broken collar bone].

TDC 294 days 2553 miles
RTR70 99/3360 [2]


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