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I must admit; Dailymile, fetcheveryone, running ahead, runningbug, running free, runtastic, strava, runkeeper, garmin connect, facebook, , etc etc it all gets so boring to log miles everywhere! Why can’t there just be one way? People then get upset if you don’t respond to them when the fact is I barely know if anyone is trying to communicate via one of these sites as I am not looking. Who has time!?

Our first week of training 1983

Our first week of training 1983

Simply I write this blog [my digital logging] and posts get sent automatically to Facebook. If/when I use my GPS watch that gets automatically uploaded to garmin connect and now sent to strava. If the other sites could auto upload too then they could have the same data. [though that would mean being a slave to the GPS, which I am not interested in doing/being]


a Sunday Sport diary as log book in 1990

I keep a digital spreadsheet training log/schedule so I can see everything in one place. Only in the last 3 years has that taken over from pen and paper. After nearly 32 years my father still keeps a log in a secretary’s notepad. It is amusing to look back over decades of various training logs; did I ever believe 20 miles a week was a lot of running? Hilarious.

Today just a little 5 mile rucksack trot after work. Tomorrow I complete the second of the 70 times around Jersey, on schedule. I must admit I feel a little guilty about doing such a short jog today [both quads and calves feel tired], but have to remind myself I did do a 28 mile day yesterday, will still have done an 85 mile week for this first back into regular training, and at 100 miles in 10 days am back on the TDC required schedule.

TDC 293 days 2549 miles
RTR70 95/3360 [1]


4 thoughts on “logging [TDC293]

    • wow thanks that’s useful
      but as you say “they don’t do everything” – in fact they do none of the competing ‘social’ logging sites. dailymile, fetcheveryone, running free etc etc

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