ouch [TDC291]

I have to come clean. On Saturday night I made an impulsive decision. I booked flights to Jersey to do my own round the island x2 run in early May. I had hoped to do a round all the islands in 2 days run but the planning [travel arrangements] proved too tricky to do quickly. The distance will be roughly the same. About 100 miles; which I hope to do in under 24 hours?


It will nicely coincide with British Red Cross Day [one of my charities] on May 8th and the Jersey liberation ’70 years on’, May 9th.

I have to be careful that I don’t overbook the running calendar. The good thing about Ultras compared to shorter events is that you can to a certain extent use one event to train for the next [as long as you factor in enough rest/recovery between them]. So I hope I recover quickly after the 7 marathons in 7 days at the end of March.

Today just a gentle 9 miles total between and with my Run England groups. This included my first stair climbing session of the year [just a small start] whilst I waited; 810 steps in 10 minutes for the FB stair climb challenge group Waterfront Tower challenge. Later I got the group to do 5 minutes.

JL group at Stratford City/Westfield step

Group at Stratford City/Westfield steps

TDC 291 days 2516 miles
RTR70 62/3360 [1]


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