charity [TDC290]

So, I have set up a Strava account. And I’m humming and haring over setting up a just giving page [they can’t handle 2 charities!]. I must admit I am in two minds about charity and running. On the one hand it does a lot of good for worthy causes but on the other it undermines athletic achievement [no matter how modest]. It is a burden other sports people don’t have to put up with? “Are you playing that tennis match for charity,” is never heard I am sure.



Still, I am 100% behind my two chosen causes. Help for Heroes and The British Red Cross.

I ran with Sweatshop [started a new SRC card so let’s see if we can get the shoes this year?] in the evening for a modest 6 mile total day [looking after runners at the back]. Over once around Jersey so far.

TDC 290 days 2507 miles
RTR70 53/3360 [1]


2 thoughts on “charity [TDC290]

  1. Im always wary about asking for charity to do something i enjoy but if you dont ask all the time and its for a big challenge then why not?

    With justgiving you can set up a team page that links to two charity pages. That way you can let people choose which charity they want to donate to.

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