long [TDC288]

First long run of the year. First of many, many this year! I purposely pushed for a 20 mile total day. Meaning even with the slow start to the year I am still at 35 miles in 4 days so am roughly on track for the TDC at 10 miles a day average and also at the needed average daily miles for the new RTR70 challenge.

I’ve added another stat line in green under the TDC total. RTR70 means Round the Rock x70. [ie 48 x 70 miles in 2015] 35/3360 means 35 miles completed out of 3,360 miles total. The number in brackets is the number of times round the rock out of 70.


Always good to breakup big challenges into more immediate goals [even if that is a year ahead]. The start of the harder long stuff today.

TDC 288 days 2489 miles
RTR70 35/3360 [0]


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