vol tee [TDC287]

Glad to hear that parkrun have new t-shirt sponsors and that at last!!! volunteers are going to be recognised alongside those that run week in week out for free. As I have been arguing for years now, rewarding helpers’ commitment with a t-shirt won’t break the bank [as only for core teams/regular helpers]. I have plenty of t-shirts so it doesn’t bother me, but some volunteers are disabled/not able to run, and their input is vital to the success of the enterprise, so they deserve recognition as much as those that run.


I anticipate the 25 volunteer t-shirt will be a more exclusive club than the 50 runs t-shirt.

A little 5 miler today [to/from parkrun]. Bloody freezing. Back to the ‘proper’ training from tomorrow. And back to the ‘proper’ eating on Monday.

I decided today [what a sacrifice] that I will wear my GPS watch for every run from tomorrow, just so I can log all the miles this year [as they will be for charity].

TDC 287 days 2469 miles
RTR70 15/3360 [0]



2 thoughts on “vol tee [TDC287]

  1. I think the new t shirts for volunteers are a great idea. I haven’t done as many parkruns as I want at the moment as my weekends are taken up with long runs for my marathon training but I have put myself on the volunteers list and will hopefully volunteer at least once in January

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