lazy bones [TDC286]

So I have to admit, “I am lazy”. Or at least today and running-wise. Despite absolutely lovely weather, no injuries nor niggles, no great apathy, I simply couldn’t be bothered to do more than a pitiful minimum 2 miles [just to satisfy my Janathon commitment].

Meaning this year so far is off to a flying stop. Always hard getting back to work after some down time. Making big plans always helps.


My starter for 10 list then for the next 12 months [some are quite challenging]:


  1. Run at least 3360 miles
  2. Try a multi-day ultra event
  3. Capital Ring in a day
  4. MMM2015 with 600 miles
  5. Conquer Everest stair climbing
  6. Get back to organising events
  7. Break 20 minutes for 5k
  8. Back to the weight training
  9. Get weight to under 11 stone
  10. Catch up TDC deficit


TDC 286 days 2464 miles


2 thoughts on “lazy bones [TDC286]

    • well if Andre doesn’t recover in time I’ll need a partner 🙂
      Otherwise, perhaps you and Mike might like to make up another team? search blog for Everest and details of 2014 attempt should come up.

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