jersey [TDC283]

Last run in Jersey for a while. It was going to be a 1 Mile Time Trial on the track but there were some ‘proper’ runners there practising their sprints so I shied off and went and did a relaxing 4 mile jog around. Did include some stairs though up to Fort Regent.

pier street stairs

I was a bit disappointed today to learn that I did not cover 50 miles [in the event, though I did a warm up/cool down jog so did cover the distance on the day] in the Dawn to Dusk ultra. I covered 49 miles ish [the same distance for the first 3 runners] and if I hadn’t taken so many minutes to stop and chat I may have got a first place. No matter. Was feeling strong at the end and therefore know next year I’ll be even better. Quite happy with Dawn to Dusk 2014 Laps pace [a bit too fast for the first 15 miles] and if I can get that more even I will do better I am sure.

TDC 283 days 2454 miles


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