Monday [TDC282]

Recovery Monday. Just jogging along the coast with little stops to admire the scenery, etc. A very modest 4 miles. Amazing to think there are still corners to explore. I have never seen this German WWII bunker around the old harbour before. I guess because it is around the reclamation site, that the public had little access to in the past. I a sure many still will not realise this is here?

old harbour pillbox

I have come up with another mini challenge for 2015. It dawned on me that as I have done just over 3,100 miles this year [and I need to up that next year] and that ‘around the island’ is between 48 -50 miles in Jersey, and that I need to be averaging 10 miles a day to complete the Thousand Day Challenge successfully anyway, so I could do the equivalent of at least 70 times around the island in 2015 [3,500 miles]?

May 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the Liberation, so that would be a nice little extra incentive to keep the miles going throughout the next 12 months. Maybe time to start the Help for Heroes fundraising.

TDC 282 days 2450 miles


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