D2D2014 [TDC274]

Weather pretty decent today for the Dawn to Dusk Ultra. Fantastic to have viewtube runners out in force. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day. Special mentions to Stephen [first male in 10K] ans Susan [first female in 10K]. Also big up to super Mike [3rd male] in his first marathon.


Great support from Liz and especially my personal thanks to Andre for looking after me today. Photos will follow tomorrow.

I believe I broke 50 miles in 7 hours 55 minutes. I got my Garmin to almost last the day by turning off every single feature. It went dead only on the last lap [with 6 minutes to go]. I had to laugh though when I saw the readout. Lap one 49.05 miles in 7.45.06 etc.

Quads pretty tired [duck waddle tomorrow] from an up and downy 2KM loop course [yes 40 times] but otherwise feel good. Got my hydration and nutrition about right today [no bonk] and was even speeding up at the end.

TDC 274 days 2398 miles


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