joggin along [TDC268]

Another day split into parts, as I wanted to cover 14 miles today so I can get to 3,000 miles for 2014 tomorrow; and a chance at hitting at least 5,000 km for the year. No more longer runs now for the rest of the week. So a kind of mini sort of taper; not that it will make much difference to Sunday I’m sure.

legs no run faster

Morning run of 9 miles then a 4 mile jog this afternoon.

I noted that I have never had a year like 2015 before. If my 7 marathons in 7 days are viewed as being 7 events [they were all entered as separate events] then I already have 10 races paid up in advance for next year! With also at least another 3 ‘unofficial’ events and at least 2 ‘fun runs’ planned. So I am nicely getting into gear for the bigger effort/s in 2016.

TDC 268 days 2326 miles


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