goals [TDC263]

Another easy day of only 10 miles jogging here and there. Great Run England session tonight with Mike achieving 12 lots of stairs in 5 minutes. Quickly turning into a star.


Worked out my needed lap splits for the [hopefully] 50 miler on Dec 21st. 11.45 per 2km loop or 9.30 a mile pace. Not so straight forward on an up and down course. Also realised if I hadn’t stopped with 70 mins to go last year I may have got nearer to 50 miles than I had thought; I was pretty tired and cold though so I think I made the correct decision on the day to stop at 43 miles.


Will need to take a run free day tomorrow [just too busy] and/or perhaps even Friday but should still get to 3,000 miles for this year by the middle of next week. Time to start thinking more concretely about running goals for 2015.

TDC 263 days 2284 miles


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