narked [TDC259]

So a runner said to me today that I was narked about things like the 100 marathon club [and not being able to join] because I wanted to put 100 marathons on my business card. Made me laugh.

No, it’s simply that, just as with races and bling, we all like a little reward and memento for our hard work [and 100 marathon length runs is a nice milestone to acknowledge]. To be honest after 31 years of running, compared to many far newer runners, I have actually done compatibly few races. Some years I may have done as many as 10, some years none, and most years only 2 or 3.

Robot Crowd Running

I have always viewed the running itself as the reward, and wanted to train hard and therefore races have been viewed as merely occasional tests of the training. Now of course, my outlook has had to change somewhat. With these much bigger plans I am very much having to train for the ‘race’ rather than the other way around. Else there would be no way to get to 50 marathons in 50 days other than to ‘wing it’.

Today just a jog to/from parkrun duties for an easy 5 miles. C-c-c-old day.

TDC 259 days 2235 miles


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