will never [TDC258]

Having a belated complete non-run day today. Struck me, what with all this longer running stuff, that there are some things I should be able but will never achieve.

100club-logoBoth the UK 100 Marathon Club and the USA Marathon Maniacs have as a major part of their entry requirements the need to have completed ‘official’ certified marathons. Unfortunately whilst I have done many dozens of 26.2 mile and over runs most have not been official races and therefore do not qualify.

I guess these organisations were not set up for longer long distance runners and/or can not imagine that there are runners that would go out and run so long without having the effort officially recognised?

Unfortunately in my opinion such organisations reward those that have the time/money to travel widely and enter lots of races over those that can run the distance. Strangely given the abundance of tech that can measure distance these days, this attitude seems rather old fashioned.

Guess I’ll have to make some digital badges for myself/other like minded runners?


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