I purposely ran seven days of at least marathon distance this Movember so as to have a start point for trying to figure out a likely pace to aim at for my first attempt at multi-day marathoning in March; 7 marathons in 7 days.

Undoubtedly, whilst the miles I completed, in several runs throughout each day, were easier than doing 26.2 miles in one single effort, they do enable me to make an educated guess at a possible pace.

26.2 26.2 27.4 28.1 30.4 30.4 34.2
9.32 9.56 10.31 10.35 9.41 9.53 10.13

The Weds, Thur and Sun miles were slower paced due to helping runners during Run England sessions, so I am happy to average those days out alongside the other runs at about 9.45. This gives an equivalent marathon time of 4 hours 16 minutes. If I could complete all the efforts in March in that kind of time I would be more than happy.

A little jog to/from evening session for a modest 7 mile day. Looking like my TDC deficit will hold at about 350 miles till the new year. The big 3K for 2014 is also looking good.

TDC 257 days 2219 miles


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