saints and sinners [TDC256]

Now is always the ‘odd’ time, after a bigger than usual challenge, if you aren’t feeling that tired/exhausted and are without niggles. You simply want to carry on or start harder work, when you know you need to take it easier. Now is when injuries are most likely, so this is where you need the so called patience of a saint [apparently the patron saint of running is St Sebastian].


This made me laugh.
Hermes (Roman Mercury):
Light-footed, slender, and clever, Hermes is the god of travellers, messengers, thieves, tricksters, and gamblers – basically the god of anybody who must move quickly or make fast getaways.

Jog with lunchtime Run England group and to/from evening group for a [now seemingly] light 10 mile day.

TDC 256 days 2212 miles


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