foodie [TDC255]

Supposed to be a non-running day but I couldn’t help but jog 4 miles to/from work. It simply would have seemed too strange to walk!

Glad to see that my weight seems to have dropped by 15 lbs during November, which is roughly what the miles equal in calories, so my diet must have been much better compared to last year when I only lost about 4 lbs!? Though I never found time to keep the food diary; better get back to that this month as …


I need to now keep the training and healthy eating going in the right direction for farther weight loss. Now of course is the danger zone. The body will simply store up a greater % of extra calories as fat, after last month’s ‘starvation’. And birthday, Xmas and New Year this month doesn’t help.

I am also glad to see that my TDC mileage deficit has been much reduced; to only 350 miles behind. I might be able to get that back down to zero by next Summer? Also looking good is covering 5 thousand kilometres [3107 miles] this year, which will be the best in years. So, only 237 miles for the rest of this month.

Comparative rest now till hopefully something near the 50 miles mark on December 21st, Dawn to Dusk ultra event.

TDC 255 days 2202 miles


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