Recovery [TDC254]

An easy day. 8.5 miles in the morning with Andre and Cheryl, and a jog to/from evening Run England group for a 15 mile day. Tomorrow will be a complete rest day. Wot no running? I have to admit, yesterday I found it difficult to turn the running legs off; I felt I could have gone on for miles at the end [the recuperative power of chocolate?] And I did tinker with the idea of carrying on with 31 miles today, but time is against me [I have to catch up on some missed work from the last week].

It is nice to be back on routes I know well, and therefore have no need to wear the Garmin, as the constant need to recharge every day gets slightly annoying. Legs today feel fine.


Scores on the doors for MMM 2014:
Mileage covered in November 566 miles [2 not logged]
adjusted down for maximum possible Garmin error 552 miles.
[minimum needed 465 or 477 adjusted]
Average pace 9.56 mins per mile [adjusted 10.08 mins]

New for 2014:
A 200 mile week.
Seven days in a row at marathon distance [or more].
An 80 mile overall increase in mileage on 2013 [13.7%].
Overall pace 30 seconds  a mile slower than 2013.

Log/Stats here.

TDC 254 days 2198 miles


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