MMM 2014 [TDC253]

Yippee! Another [3rd year] Movember Milo Miles completed with a 34 mile day [really 35]. Started at 5am with 15 miles at a faster than I expected [some 8 minute something miles?] pace, playing the ‘where can I get to? before the time to turn around’ game [a still closed Holborn Station]. Lovely to be running back East as it was getting light.


Met Mike and ran down to pick up Animesh, then a 5 mile run to viewtube; with 22 miles on the clock. Ran our 8 miles recovery run [looking after the backmarker runners] to complete the 30 miles for the day [though missed another mile when I forgot to turn watch back on after a brief stop!], but also jogged home after our usual tea and cake break, with a slower returning to training runner, then another couple of miles alone after that so as to make sure I got my secondary goal this month: My first 200 mile week.

Fuller debrief tomorrow …. now some REST TIME.

TDC 253 days 2183 miles


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