floaty [TDC251]

Had to skip lunch to shoehorn in about 11 miles at lunchtime, then straight out the door after work for another 11 miles down to the quickest pit stop at the London Marathon team leaders meeting [in and out City Hall in 30 mins] where I was getting funny looks; everyone was blinged up and I was the only sweaty running tights runner.

Decided what the hell I might as well go for the 30 miles on the way home. So hopefully the first of three before the weekend is out?

Surprised at how good the legs feel; may be down to the ‘floaty feeling’ today, I think from lack of sleep [only 2 hours last night] this past week. Also surprised at the pace of the first 10 miles, at only just over 9 mins per mile.

Nearly there. Now just have to decide what I do the next 2 days? Still, first things first: wash. eat. sleep.

TDC 251 days 2119 miles


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