bike! [TDC250]

So I have been running with fists at the ready all day [metaphorically at least] as this was the day last year that I was hit by a bike on the pavement; and thought the challenge was all over. Happy therefore to get through unscathed today.


Noted these articles this week about bikes on pavements [one of my bête noires] but certainly not talking about my area of London. I would find it somewhat funny though, if a similar to New Year scheme was implemented here. Bicycle mounted radar guns!?


The remaining miles for MMM completed this evening to/from Run England group but not without some humour. I ran the 3.28 miles to UEL then had a 70 minute meeting before luckily seeing that I had forgotten to switch my watch off! If only I had realised sooner it was possible to log [very slow] miles whilst sitting in a chair!? I am not therefore claiming the 2 miles spider’s web of traces on the map as also seen on the distance trace, but just the 8 miles I know I did [ at least] for a 28 mile day.


TDC 250 days 2089 miles


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