Another mini-adventure day; I ran around part of town renewing my library cards for Westminster, City, Camden, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Waltham Forest, Newham, Redbridge, and Barking&Dagenham.

Still have the cough/sore throat and blocked nose, but much better. Weather not as nice today but still managed [albeit slower than yesterday] to cover the marathon distance [and another unlogged walked lunch on the move mile] whilst keeping dry toes.


FREE RUNNING [click for details]

Successful completion of the MMM will now mean I will have covered 7 marathon distance days in a week; something I was keen to try given that my first proper multi-day Ultra is now only 110 days away. Of course doing them the way I am [split up or with breaks] is easier than it will be, but at least it gives me an idea of what to aim for?

Legs-wise I am feeling good. The average overall MMM pace per mile is still holding at a little under 10 mins per mile. Went through 400 miles for the month so far [157 miles this week] today, with about another 150 miles to go in the last 5 days.

TDC 248 days 2034 miles


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