Is it safe? [TDC247]

It’s that time again. Another block of 500 miles covered. So I’m afraid …

Weather better today; in fact it was lovely. Nice to finish a day with warm and dry feet. Had woken with a blocked nose and sore throat but only had split second thoughts of staying in bed. I decided I would allow myself a jogging pace day and would take planned breaks every 3 miles to take on food/drink/rest; so as to not overtax myself.

Ploy worked. Ended up being faster than I had thought it would be, and the coughing got less as the day progressed [only on stops] and the dripping nose improved too. A nice ‘make it up as you go along’ route around the local towns. Legs felt good all day, so I did a bit extra to make it a marathon day of 26.2 miles. I certainly don’t feel as bad as DH in the movie Marathon Man, after his trip to the dentist. “Is it safe?”

TDC 247 days 2008 miles


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