Half Way [TDC245]

From the first 2 years of the MMM I concluded that day 22 is Half Way through the challenge [though neither half way in days nor total miles].

Today I ran up to Walthamstow parkrun to event adjudicate and tail run [my 22nd parkrun in 3.5 years!] then back down, for 17 miles essentially in one go. I then had a rest as my late morning runner didn’t show, and I was pretty cold, wet and muddy from the parkrun course and rain; I had hoped to do all 22 miles in one go to maximize the rest till Sunday, but ended up doing the rest late afternoon when the rain stopped.

From this point the cumulative fatigue starts to make itself known [143 miles in the last week/7 days], so I was surprised to finish today at an overall average pace of only just over 10 mins per mile; given the 13 mins per mile parkrun tail running. So that’s the 22 mile day done.

TDC 245 days 1958 miles


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