fun run [TDC241]

Lovely morning and company. Ran with Mike into the city for 10 miles, had a quick cuppa, then ended up running all the way home [sheltering from a heavy downpour, like a wuss] to complete the full 18 miles for today in one go. Faster pace than had planned, but hey, feeling good [hope doesn’t bite bum later on].

10am sun

10am sun

Hardly a crack of dawn [though was still darkish] start but very fulfilling to have nearly 20 miles on the clock, washed, changed, fed and at computer ready for a day’s work, and all before 10.30 am.

Another 4 miles this evening doing chores. Another 22 mile day; it gets a bit worrying when you don’t feel as tired as you think you should. Still, not half way yet [if 20 miles is considered half way in a marathon, I think day 22 is half way in the MMM].

TDC 241 days 1875 miles


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