double up [TDC240]

So, my training colleague/friend Andre will be trying his first back to back marathon in March when I do my first try at 7 in 7 days, so we have just started some harder back to back longer runs [not that, that means much to me for this month, with the necessary MMM distances].

Today then a nice 8 miler this morning, after our 17 miles yesterday; for a marathon distance type effort in a little over 24 hours. a pretty decent 8.30 pace too.

Another 4 miles after for me, for a 12 mile morning. Legs feeling good. Another 8 miles planned for this evening at a more modest pace, for an over-distance 20 mile day. Still feeling fine as I enter the last 2 weeks of the MMM challenge.

On the scales this morning and surprised to be at 12 stone; but that surely can’t be correct? A loss of 6lbs in 9 days seems unlikely.

TDC 240 days 1843 miles


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