peace [TDC234]

Identifiable by a red arm-band, WWI trench runners carried messages from one area or command unit to another and acted as guides for troops entering the front line. A fascinating account here.

What with the fashion of tattooing these days, I wonder if anyone would be prepared to enter a race where you have your head shaved, tattooed with a message, then have to run a huge distance to deliver it [after your hair has grown back] just as the early Greek messengers did? Not so fanciful perhaps when one remembers that the baton relay is also based upon such messenger runs but with a scytale.

greek runners

Just the minimum 11 miles today pottering around and including a relaxed Sweatshop 5K this evening [I did another 2 miles but forgot to turn watch back on! doh!]. From now on [if I only complete minimum distances any day] I have to remember to add the Garmin error correction amount to runs [so today I did 11.3 miles to log 11 miles].

I had to laugh last night as my Dailymile account sent an auto-message/report for my last running week. Apparently at 80 ish miles for the week I was EPIC. Ho Ho. What will the last week of the MMM be then, at 182 miles!? SUPER SPLENDIFEROUS LEGEND EPIC or NUTELLA STRAITJACKET EPIC ??

TDC 234 days 1745 miles



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