mile high club [TDC233] part 1

Everything is ball park but it is nice to have some benchmark advice to aim for, so I am at last happy to have found a figure from some experienced hill runners.


In event terms there can’t be much that is more challenging than the Bob Graham Round? 24 hours to get around 42 peaks [including 18 of the country’s highest] totalling 8,200 metres of ascent over 66 miles, in what is usually not favourable weather. The 66 miles bit is a challenge already. And the ascent is almost the equivalent of Everest from sea level. A ha.

I would like to try the Conquer Everest stair challenge again next year with my colleague, so I now have a figure. BGR veterans suggest that to complete their challenge you need to average 3,000 metres of hill climb per week in training. So I reckon I need to cover at least 1,500 metres [5,000 ft] a week in ups to get ready [as we cover half the distance each]. So, roughly a mile each week.

A sensible option then [given there are not many hills around me] would be to split the needed climb between steps and hills?  As steps alone would be 2-3 hours of graft. Perhaps an hour’s stair climbing and the rest up and down hills might work? I think I will leave the hill work till the New Year though; given the other challenges I have till the end of December.

7 miles so far today, including a mile TT [at least moving downwards again], on a lovely sunny but crisp morning. From tomorrow it starts getting a little bit more challenging. I might try another longer day at this point whilst I still can get some extra miles in; though in some ways the notion of ‘extra’ this month seems funny.

TDC 233 days 1721 miles


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