[TDC233] part 2

Another relaxed 13 miles today, jogging to evening Run England group [via home, to drop off rucksack], with them a bit, then home. I am pleased with the 1 mile TT this morning as it was 12 seconds faster than 7 weeks ago [and on legs that should be more  tired].

My Garmin pooched just as I arrived home tonight. I normally ignore the ‘low battery’ warnings as there is usually 20% juice left, but tonight it actually turned itself off. I await a running equivalent of a Dune stillsuit, with watches powered by your movement/heat/sweat, whatever.

A 20 mile day [which is what I had planned for tomorrow] so I can just do the minimum needed 11 miles tomorrow as a nice slow day. All feeling easy so far.

The last week has totalled 86 miles, so only just beginning to hot up.

TDC 233 days 1734 miles


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