WRD [TDC232]

Today was World Run Day. I am growing increasingly fond of ‘virtual’ events like these. Great to receive bling for running, but events are becoming so pricey that it is simply too costly to enter races on a regular basis. Might be for charity but £40 for a 10K? Of course there will always be those willing to pay such prices I guess. but when you get to a certain level, and need to be time trialling regularly or are running Ultras and so would like lots of ‘on the way’ races, price does become an issue. Then there is travel, accommodation etc.

I have long thought about the idea of ‘pop up’ races. Perhaps along the lines of Secret Cinema [when it was really secret] or flash mobs. A properly/certified accurate distance, with water stations provided if necessary, some bling, basic first aiders but none of the other increasingly unnecessary extra ‘fuss’ that goes with most events these days.

Simply: Turn up, run, go home.

viewtube runners Sun training 91114

Lovely run with the viewtube guys this morning; just started marathon training for the Autumn. 12 miles for me then.

TDC 232 days 1714 miles


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