ostrich [TDC231]

I wonder if there will ever be a world champs wearing these kind of babies?


Spent the morning doing parkrun event adjudication duty. Into the second week of the MMM challenge and the single figure distances are soon to run out [scuse pun]. Feeling good.

The biggest drag at this point is the kit washing routine needed. In another week the drag will be finding the time to fit in the runs. Always a bit if a drag is the Garmin adjustments necessary for covering any errors in measurement and having to recharge my watch every day.

Another 11 miles today at a gentle pace [8 needed]; I’d guess the average pace so far is a little under 10 minutes a mile? If I can keep it somewhere around that mark for the whole month I will be more than pleased.

I stepped on the scales [a bit late in the day I know] this morning and registered 174 lbs. So lets see how much comes off during the next 430 miles [in theory I should be able to shift 12 lbs] this month? At least I have lost 6 lbs over the last 38 days.

TDC 231 days 1702 miles


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