records [TDC230]

Got me to thinking, seeing this bizarre stunt run, about Marathon Guinness Book of Records runs. There are lots of silly/fun categories as well as some serious athletic endeavours. Fastest vegetable/fruit seems to be popular. I wonder if there is a fastest sex doll costume record?


Load carrying is obviously of interest to me:
The fastest marathon carrying a 40 lb pack is 3 hr 25 min 21 sec, a 60 lb pack is 4 hr 39 min 9 sec and an 80 lb pack is 6 hr 58 min 30 sec. The fastest marathon wearing an operational gas mask is 3 hr 49 min 22 sec. I’d like to see those doubled up!! Or how about a gas masked sex doll carrying a 100 lb pack!?

A relaxed 9 mile day only [to get ready for the weekend] and legs felt surprisingly good after 22 miles total yesterday; I even did a couple of hill sprints at Mile End, which I might regret later!? Great to run with Bev tonight, who is still on cloud 9 re: the VLM 2015.

64 miles done this week [Garmin adjusted] when only 28 miles needed for the MMM challenge, so quite happy with that. Even if I now only cover the minimum distance each day I will still top 500 miles for November [if I complete the challenge successfully.

TDC 230 days 1691 miles


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