standard business attire [TDC229]

I found this article enlightening and funny. Same is not true yet for runners. Perhaps top execs don’t run much? Perhaps runners garb is too sexy [it being more tights/compression wear?] Or perhaps traditional runners are simply too wet and smelly and dishevelled looking in comparison to cyclists? Though I have to say the unfortunate model here seems to have wet ’em.


Is it just another trend for certain businesses like indoor basketball hoops/football tables/ping pong and chill out zones? The water cooler/coffee machine seemingly no longer gets a look in. Maybe someone needs to design a running outfit [like those t-shirts with shirt collar and tie printed on] that looks like a traditional office suit? That or we all have to wear running rhino suits to work. Now that would be interesting.

At the very least one would think tax breaks could be given to new offices that incorporate showers/runner friendly facilities.


Today was the November run2work day and I managed to tick several boxes; run with colleagues. run2work, some take 12+ miles, MMM challenge, and of course TDC.  14 miles day so far [another 6 miles tonight].

Had to walk for a bit after a hot chocolate pause at 13 miles as felt suddenly ill when starting running again; never ever had that feeling before. Wasn’t dead [out of energy] feeling, wasn’t stomach, more a green gills sea sickness feeling, most odd. So walked a bit then jogged then decided to hop on the tube home, to save self for evening’s jog, after another mile, though I felt better.

TDC 229 days 1674 miles


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