security [TDC227]

So apparently there was a security scare last week when a jogger accidentally [brushed] ran into the Prime Minister. And? Who’d be bothered to try to nobble the PM? Wouldn’t it just get in the way of your run? You can always get another politician but you can never replace a session. Apparently the jogger didn’t even know who the guy was, so some security scare. I’m surprised there aren’t lots of youtube spoofs by now. What’s the quote about “Governments should be afraid of the people not ….”


I joined the running bug this week [just to see what it is about] and so tonight I completed my first Bug Run by night [a virtual run at the same time as other bugs] which happened to be at the same time as I was going to run anyway.

It is interesting to see how each of these ‘social running’ sites [dailymile, fetcheveryone, the running bug, running free, Garmin connect, run england,  etc etc etc] do things to capture an audience. Frankly who has the time to log on them all?

Just a small 5 miler tonight; feel like I am doing nothing, so that’s good I guess?

TDC 227 days 1652 miles


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