fatigue [TDC226]

This ‘phoney war’ false start part of the challenge [running 1, 2, 3 miles etc] is a good way to get in some extra miles without too much trouble. Hopefully things don’t come unstuck later on though. Especially so as I seem to have got my mojo back big time and feel like going out and doing some speedy work!


Cumulative fatigue is a very strange beast. I seem to recall getting to the mid to high teens last year and thinking I was done for [the pace was quicker than the previous year]. But after just a few days things settled down and I was untroubled until the high twenties [didn’t help being hit by a bike on the pavement with only 4 days left though].

Great to have the company of a running friend, Mike, this year. 9 miles today but not sure what the Garmin is up to? I went -1,210 ft at some point tonight apparently? I will watch the average pace over the challenge but am sure it will mean less this year; I am much heavier, and I will be doing a lot more slower helping others type running [not that I’m complaining].

 TDC 226 days 1647 miles


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