back to it [TDC225]

Things I also started yesterday include getting back to the food diary; I did start, and my diet has been better, but I failed to log consistently and there were far too many ‘slips’. The first of the month and a challenge is a good incentive to restart.

Also I have plugged in some 20 mile days into my training schedule as I undoubtedly need to get back to regular longer long runs [and more than marathon training provides] to be in with any chance of a successful first attempt and proper multi-day marathoning [a 7 marathons in 7 days attempt near the end of March next year].


A very surprised Bev

viewtube run with a few Sweatshop guys along for a 10 Km this morning [word hasn’t really got out yet], so an easy 8 miles today [only 2 miles actually needed for the MMM challenge]. Lovely to let Beverley know she got a guaranteed entry for the London Marathon 2015 through the parkrun volunteer’s draw.

TDC 225 days 1638 miles


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