MMM [TDC224]

Hooray! Another Movember Milo Miles challenge commences. Lovely to start this next month with parkrun duties at Wanstead Flats. Was great to be able to draw the winner of the place for the London Marathon 2015 from the helpers that came down to volunteer at the baggage this last April.


Ended up covering 4 miles today when only 1 mile was actually necessary for the challenge [was tempted to do more]. I can’t believe that just before the end of this month I will already be a quarter of the way through the Thousand Day Challenge and I will have covered hopefully around 2,000 miles. Distance for October 253 miles so getting back into a decent zone.

Another ‘weighted’ jog this morning [as per yesterday] with laptop bag etc. Discovered that running with a rucksack draws no attention whatsoever, but jogging home after parkrun with one carrier bag of shopping was getting some bemused looks; perhaps they thought I was a shoplifter?

TDC 224 days 1630 miles


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