time [TDC222]

Today I completed [in one sense] the 12 hour Take12+ challenge; in 3 weeks and only using runs that actually went through at some point the Olympic Park. I will continue logging for the next 9 weeks anyway as it is really a 12 week challenge.


Just shows how easy it is to underestimate the time you spend doing something when you only look at the mileage. I have never been a watch the clock type of runner [I think it is only really of benefit to new runners that can’t yet log by miles] so I was surprised on looking closer to find out [obvious I guess] that I must run an average of 10 hours a week when I am in a regular 70 miles a week groove. A lot of this will be run to/from work type jogging so it isn’t as time consuming as it sounds [no idea why more people don’t commute on foot really] as much of this time would be spent travelling anyhow.

I am looking forward to the MMM 2014 start in a couple of days, as so far I feel I am coasting through the TDC days without enough milestone challenges? Currently I am down about 600 miles [average only 7.3 miles a day] so I am looking forward to hopefully making a dent in that deficit during November; all going well I might only be down 400 miles by the start of December?

Tonight I just did a jog 4 miles. I need to start doing some serious mileage again.

TDC 222 days 1615 miles


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