stair return [TDC221]

If there is a deficit in running books containing useful advise for experienced long distance runners, there are always numerous motivational books. One I must check out is this book about a 57 year old ultra runner. I do somewhat despair though that many of these books only seem to get into print due to the heartache of the runner before they start [usually a bereavement].  As if the running achievement alone is not awesome enough?

“[T]hat’s where ultrarunners live, in that place where you feel as if there’s nothing left, no more energy, no more reason, no more sanity, no more will to go farther. Then you push forward anyway, step after step, even though every cell in your body tells you to stop. And you discover that you can go on.”


Only 4 miles today on the flat but including 5 minute stairs at Stratford x 5 at a casual pace before a lovely evening Run England session for a 6 mile day equivalent.

 TDC 221 days 1611 miles


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